Ideas For Lighting Landscape Design

Your landscape area should be both functional and beautiful, both day and night. During the day, a well planned landscape provides an area for play, recreation, afternoon barbecues, and many other activities. At night, lighting is an essential factor in making your landscape functional and livable, and there are many ways you can do this by selecting the right lighting techniques.

Here are some lighting landscape design ideas to help you plan making the most out of your landscape at night:

1. Determine the areas that need light for safety, Driveway bollards such as walkways, slopes, handrails, changing elevations, or any steps. You can use low fixtures which scatter light downwards to light pathways and walkways. Do not over-light the area; make sure to use light that is easy on the eyes. You may also want to consider motion sensors for added security at night.

2. What areas do you want to highlight and focus? You can easily hide flaws in your landscape by choosing a landscape design in strategic points. A technique in highlighting focal points in the architecture is by using light that shines from below. This technique is called down lighting. Any existing focal points in the landscape or garden such as fountains or statues can be made appealing at night by using a spotlight to frame them.

3. Torches, poles or bollards in the landscape add aesthetic appeal while also serving functionality through lighting. Typically, lighted poles and bollards can be placed in entrances of homes, or around the perimeter of the landscape. Bamboo torches are also a nice touch to light the perimeter of large gardens, but of course taking into consideration fire safety measures.

4. For function areas such as patios and gazebos, you may want to use energy efficient hanging lights. Many homeowners make use of their outdoor landscapes for dinners and other social functions, so proper lighting landscape design for these areas is important. Remember to use soft muted light; hanging lights are also a great idea to illuminate the space. Lamps and fixtures are also a good idea for these areas.

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