Bicycle Parking Adds Convenience for Cyclists and Increases Customer Traffic

Bicycle parking not only attracts new customers, but also ensures that bikes are not locked to every possible structure – which creates a messy, unattractive presentation for businesses.

“Hey, I forgot… we need shampoo by Thursday,”… “an ingredient for dinner tonight,” or… “I’ll pick that up while I’m out on my bike.” Whether you commute to work or ride for exercise and pleasure, you could save a lot of times spent on running errands by just swinging by a store on your bike.

Great idea, but if you roll up to the store and there’s no bike parking you’ll either find another store or need to come back on foot or by car. But what about the next time? Take five minutes to tell the business you’ll come more often if they add bike parking. Chances are you know other people who bicycle in the same areas as you do – ask them to do the same. Local bike groups are a great way to increase advocacy as well. Requests from customers are definitely the most effective way to create more bike parking! Security bollards

A Business Perspective: Why Bike Racks Are a Good Investment

As a business owner, it is hard to ignore the benefits that bike parking can provide to your customers, and ultimately to your business. You should carefully consider all options before choosing the optimal bike parking facilities for your facility.

Without bike parking, cyclists will attach bikes to almost anything in sight, damaging features like decorative gates and fences, and increasing bike theft because the structures are not designed for bicycle parking.

And trees. Trees are among the sidewalk amenities that add a lovely accent to many streetscapes, but without bicycle parking in the same area, small trees may appear to be a practical substitute bicycle rack. Unfortunately, bike parking can damage and even kill small trees.

Bike bollards or bicycle racks are great solutions. Bicycle bollards are an inexpensive way to protect trees, planters, pedestrians and buildings from motor vehicle damage while adding distinctive charm along with bicycle parking. You can add bollards covers with bike parking arms to almost any bollard array.

Businesses that want to add bike parking and don’t currently use bollards should investigate whether combining bollards and bicycle racks may double the value of their investment. Aside from the ability to provide some impact resistance, bicycle bollards also create a very small footprint, so they may be preferable in smaller spaces.

If there are no (security) bollard needs and space permits, business owners can choose from a generous array of bike parking racks. When evaluating bike parking, bike locks attaching to a closed loop rack are a necessity. Cyclists desperate for a cycle stand may think a parking meter will suit, but too often they find the parking meter suited a bicycle thief equally well; bicycle parking should never be on a pole from which a bike could be lifted up and off.

Commercial bike racks should have 7 key features to protect bikes from theft or damage:

  1. The top should be a closed loop so a bike can’t be lifted off the cycle stand.
  2. The bike rack should allow for secure connection to the frame as well as a wheel.
  3. The bike rack or bike bollard arms should be sturdy enough to deter bolt cutters and accept both cable and U-shaped locks.
  4. Bicycle parking should be highly visible and well lighted for theft deterrence.
  5. Bike racks should be in fronts of buildings. Visibility from the business’s windows or doors, and to passing pedestrians, offers good bike parking security.
  6. Bicycle parking racks or bike bollards should be securely fastened to the ground surface. Ideally, they may be fitted into concrete when new building is taking place, or retrofitted into concrete by removing a small section and pouring new cement. The third and most common option is to utilize a flange mount system with bolts held in place with threaded anchors embedded into the concrete.
  7. Space at least 24″ apart so two bikes can be parked side by side without tangling.

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